About FoodMoni


Enterprises on the FoodMoni Ecosystem are micro, small, medium, semi-large and large businesses that uses customized mobile and web applications tailored to their individual needs to access products and services which include loans, equity investments and technical support to enable them seamlessly provide products and services for their target groups within the FoodMoni Ecosystem


Co-operative on the FoodMoni™ are MSMEs co-operative societies who leverage on the various co-operative application within the FoodMoni™ platform to connect with other MSMEs co-operative societies for mutual financial service like, group donations, contributions, loans and equity investments and also connect with Financial Institutions (banks and non-banking) who provides financial services like loans and equity investments to MSMEs and consumers.

Non-Governmental Organization

Non-governmental Organizations or Social Enterprises on the FoodMoni™ Ecosystem, are organizations who leverage on the NGO™ mobile and web application to collect donations and provide grants to the less privileged through the FoodMoni™ platform.

Business Development Service Providers (BDSPs)

BDSPs within the FoodMoni™ Ecosystem, are Professionals who leverage on the Consult™ mobile and web application to provide consultation services to enterprises in every sector within the FoodMoni™ Ecosystem.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions within the FoodMoni Ecosystem, are non-banking and banking financial institions who leverage on the FINMOTech™ mobile and web application to provide banking and non-bank financial services which include loan, savings, loans, insurance, etc.

Governmental Institutions

Governmental Institutions within the FoodMoni™ Ecosystem, are government parastatals and agencies who leverage on the GOVAgency™ mobile and web application to seamlessly access financing, connect to businesses and consumers in the FoodMoni™ ecosystem for seamless tax remittance and income tax return. It also help businesses in the FoodMoni Ecosystem access to government financing and various support programs and initiatives.

Our Partners

Each partner within the FoodMoni™ Ecosystem, brings unique and distinct set of ideas, programs, services, expertise and experience which deliver on the FoodMoni™ Ecosystem proposition. Each of the partners is either an Investor, Initiator, Endorser, Supporter or Sponsor with the desire of developing the Africa Economy through the MSMEs sector